All prices are STARTING PRICES, and are NOT FINAL. Consultation is mandatory so that we can get to know each other, and make sure you feel confident that your services will be a perfect fit for your needs.  The Lacquer Queen uses products EXCLUSIVELY by CND.

Note: All new clients must meet for a 15 minute consultation BEFORE your appointment*


Time scheduled is booked for YOU - and while your time is of the upmost importance to me, I need to make sure that I am able to manage my time as well.​  This is a relationship, lets respect each other. 

  • No-shows will be charged an amount equal to 100% of their service booked. 

  • Clients arriving later than 15 minutes after their scheduled appointment time will be considered a no-show and rescheduled.

  • Three consecutive no-shows result in the client being moved to walk-in only status, dependent on availability.

  • A valid credit card is required to schedule an appointment.

About our salon:

  • Exceptionally high levels of salon and implement sanitation and disinfection are maintained using EPA Registered, hospital-grade disinfectants.

  • Lacquer Queen's goal is to provide clients with the highest quality services in a relaxing, safe, and sanitary environment. 


This is an important first step in our relationship.  We establish your goals, make note of your needs, and create a service relationship thats perfect for YOU.  This visit is complimentary, and mandatory for all new clientele.  


This is the gateway nail service that ends with perfectly groomed nails, cuticles, and an expert polish application using CND Vinylux for long wearing color.


The OG gets a LUXURY upgrade. Exfoliants, anti-aging masques, and skin treatments on top of the traditional manicure to keep your mitts glowing with youthful vitality.



Warm soak, cuticle clean-up, file shaping, and a perfect polish application, followed up by a delicious massage.


The classic pedicure gets an upgrade with a salt scrub, detoxifying mud mask, and clarifying lotion.  

Callus Removal - $15

Got a rough spot thats making you crazy? Catching your sheets? Scratching your love in the shin at night?  This super alpha hydroxy treatment will reduce and smooth stubborn, thick, scaly patches of skin.


Like the OG manicure but the wearability causes dismay? Enjoy an application that will perfect nails for up to two weeks without chipping, peeling, or dulling. Mirror like shine and a little protection, using the only products on the market with ZERO DAMAGE. There is NO BUFFING/FILING/MECHANICAL DAMAGE to the natural nail. Really!


Never say "I want acrylics." Always ask, "Whats best for me?" Every service is customized for you. For your lifestyle, for your personal style, for your maintenance needs. There is no one size fits all service when it comes to extending and enhancing your nails; there is only creating a specific prescription only for YOU. UV Gel, Liquid and Powder Acrylic is applied in a way thats specifically engineered for YOUR nails, for longevity and ease. Typical wait between services is 2-3 weeks with no lifting. Price listed is a STARTING PRICE ONLY and WILL VARY.


Got Enhancements? Grown out UV Gel or Acrylic is filed down, and fresh product is applied to new nail growth, keeping your nails balanced, thin, and like new again.

Temporary Enhancements - $80 AND UP

Is the drama and instant gratification of Liquid and Powder Acrylic or UV Gel nails something you secretly yearn for, but you don't have time and patience for the maintenance?

Have a custom set made JUST FOR YOU.

A consultation is performed and a perfect set is connected, just for you.  We set a follow-up date to apply the enhancements created on full coverage tips sized to your nails, lasting up to two weeks.  Removal is simple and non-damaging to the natural nails, and sets can be re-used as many times as you wish!


Price listed is a STARTING PRICE ONLY and WILL VARY. Nail art is STYLE. It's an accessory akin to earrings or a necklace. Which means it can be as subtle or as bold as YOU like. All creative services are $1 per minute; Swarovski crystals are $1 per stone; all nail style services require a consultation and recommendation. No guests may receive the same style as another customer- individuality and exclusivity are expected and respected. Think of this as having a pair of custom made, Christian Louboutin's made ONLY for you. 

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